In the last 15 years of training and educating people in the areas of Tax Risk Management, International Taxation and Transfer Pricing, the I/I/T/F and its faculty have been approached by alumni for additional guidance.  In the past, I/I/T/F has not offered consulting services.

We have now decided to extend the educational platform to assist MNEs in establishing practical and workable systems to identify, monitor and manage the various tax risks that face MNEs.

One of the most important areas we teach in all our courses is the importance of identifying, monitoring and management of tax risks through the establishment of a “tax risk steering committee”.  It is important to note that many tax risks accumulate over many years that may not always be addressed because the appropriate tax risk management system does not exist in the MNE.

The reason for this is:

Moral & Ethical Principles

1. A lack of understanding of what are the moral or ethical principles that are at play.

2. When must a tax issue be identified and managed?

Attorney/ Client Privilege

3. How does a deep dive into historic tax issues create potential whistle-blower exposure?

4. Is there any attorney & client privilege applicable to these internal discussions?

Safe Haven

5. How can a vacuum be created to allow a “safe haven” for these tax issues to be addressed within the MNE without being scared off due to whistle-blowing and other peripheral ethical and moral principles that may encroach upon the tax risk management process by an MNE with a potentially detrimental effect?

How can these challenges be overcome?

THE 360 TRM PROJECT addresses this head-on, extending the educational platform in a practical manner to establishing and running an effective “tax risk steering committee” under the umbrella of “attorney & client privilege”. 

I/I/T/F, under the guidance of Prof Dr Daniel N. Erasmus, is offering MNEs an opportunity to participate in THE 360 TRM PROJECT, which includes the following:

Tax Steering Committee

Tax Steering Committee

Prof. Dr. Daniel N. Erasmus will participate in the MNEs Tax Risk Management program and set up a Tax Risk Steering Committee (if not already established).  He will participate in and chair the four tax steering committee meetings annually (organization dependent).  This includes the preparation and attendance for each meeting.  The added benefit is that it also keeps the content “subject to attorney & client privilege.

Additional Work Required?

Additional Work Required?

This also covers the first eight professional hours for any revenue authority-related controversy issues that may arise. Practice shows that many tax audits are closed out in the initial eight hours by following our methodology of engagement with revenue authorities.

*Any additional work required after the initial eight hours will be by agreement.



As participants of THE 360 TRM PROJECT, MNEs will also receive a 10% discount on any course offered by the I/I/T/F Academy of Tax Law.

This includes all webinars, short courses, Postgraduate Certificates, Postgraduate Diplomas and Masters’s Courses.

Visit The Academy of Tax Law for more information on courses.

Only US$ 1,200 per meeting

This includes the time for the preparation and attendance of the meeting via ZOOM or TEAMS or a similar platform, and all the additional benefits described above.

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